Having a baby changes everything, but it shouldn’t change being able to travel. Now, there are countless things that babies need, but these are some essentials for traveling with your little one that will make the trip a bit easier. After talking to my cousins who have had two kids of their own and still managed to travel while both were under the age of two. These were some of the products they said they could not have gotten through the trip without.

1. Travel-Tot Travel Childproofing Kit

travel kit for babies


photo via parentmap.com

This kit lets you childproof any room you’re staying in. All  of the products are fastened with non-damaging strips and require no tools to install. The items included are listed on the site, but the ones that were used the most by my family were the corner guards and the electrical outlet plug covers. The kit is portable and convenient and definitely worth the packing room to keep your baby safe wherever you stay.

2. GoCrib Portable Baby Travel Crib and Play Yard


photo via Amazon

This crib is the Holy Grail of portable cribs. The crib is roomy enough for playtime and the mattress is perfect for sleeping. The crib is easy to pack and is lightweight enough to carry around. It’s perfect for day trips and road trips and it’s easy to put together and take apart. For some who have complaints about traveling with other cribs have found themselves pleased with this product.

3. Moby Wrap


 photo via mobywrap.com

The Moby Wrap pretty much straps your baby to you, but in a comfortable, hands free way. Parents I’ve talked to swear about this product, for both traveling and everyday needs. I’ve been to three baby showers in the past few years, and this is always on the registry for moms and dads to be.  They have different designs all made from 100 percent cotton, and have organic cotton options available.

4. Boon Squirt Baby Dispensing Spoon


photo via cheekymonkey.ca

Feeding on the go is no longer a huge mess. This isn’t just a spoon, it’s a spoon that dispenses the food right onto it. It removes the jar and all the mess and with one squeeze you get easy, one handed-feeding. It dispenses food one bite at a time, and frees up your other hand to clean up any smudgy faces.

5. Yoomi Self Warming Bottle


photo via yoomi

The bottle requires no electricity, and in just a minute you get warmed up breast milk or formula at the ideal temperature, making it ideal for any on-the-go feeding.

6.  Vintage Toy Camera Baby Bodysuit


photo via Etsy

Okay, so this one might be to help your little one look the part, but onsies are already a standard in their travel bag, why not have a little themed fun with it?

What are your travel must haves for your baby?

Rebecca is (secretly Linda Belcher) a senior at Iona College, studying Mass Communications. She loves to travel, coffee, and her dog. Fan of boy bands, big hair, and everything bagels. Professional shade thrower and wearer of beanies.


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