You have to look at it before I tell you what it is.

salina turda

It’s the Salina Turda Salt Mine! I know, right?! It’s so exciting! What? No I’m not being sarcastic. Look I know the name might lead you to believe that this is not an interesting place but it might actually be the coolest thing you’ve ever heard of. It is basically an amusement park inside of a ridiculously old salt mine in Transylvania.

Say whaaaaaaat?!

salina wheel

The Romanian salt mine was established in the 17th century, but, a bit more recently someone realized it might draw in some more attention if they just casually stuck a ferris wheel and a bowling alley down there. Just descend 400 feet or so  and you can also have a go at some mini golf, take a nice little boat ride around an underground lake, or visit the amphitheater. (Fun fact about boat rides in a salt mine lake- you can’t sink, because of the salt).

No but really, aside from the amusement park the museum has three mines that can be toured and they’re all massive and astonishing. They’re named Anton, Rudolph, and the deepest one is Terezia reaching 393 feet down.



Salina Turda produced table salt from the Middle Ages, estimated around 1075, until it closed in 1932. Take a moment to realize that this place is so old, it produced the table salt that flavored the blood of Dracula’s victims. (Get it? Because Transylvania. Am I right?)


It reopened as the museum with an amusement park in 1992 and now in place of table salt it produces fun! Just so much fun!

Do you plan to visit the crazy Salina Turda Salt Mines?

Photos via Huffington Post

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    • Doesn’t it?! I think it’s 20 lei (sp?) for adults, which is around 6 US dollars I believe, maybe a few cents more. I think students and kids have a discount though. Thanks for reading 🙂


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