We at Travel Freak are big fans of experimenting with different foods from around the world, and luckily it’s not hard to find global cuisine at a minute’s notice living in New York City. However, please don’t ask us how to prepare one of these exotic meals ourselves, because not only are we inept at basic kitchen tasks like boiling water and doing dishes, we can hardly cook toast properly let alone a fancy foreign dish. That’s why we’re so impressed by Rekha, the blogger behind My Tasty Curry who has challenged herself to cooking a breakfast dish from a different country every day for 30 days.

She’s calling her challenge 30 Days, 30 Breakfasts, 30 Countries, and so far she’s taken culinary trips from the comfort of her kitchen to Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Italy, Morocco, Poland, England, and Russia. The whole idea began as a fun way to integrate interesting breakfast options to Rekha’s family table while appeasing everyone’s love for the day’s starting meal, but we think that this is a great challenge for any world traveler or curious foodie. Rekha provides a recipe and salivation-inducing photo (as seen below) with each post about her breakfast of the day, so following in this curious cook’s footsteps is simple.

Well, it’s simple if you’re skilled in the culinary arts. For us to recreate the delicacies Rekha has made would take some sort of divine intervention by God or Paula Deen or something.

Rekha is only a third of the way done with her challenge, meaning she still has about 20 days worth of new international breakfasts to dream up then whip up. Know of any great breakfasts foods from around the world you’d like to share with her? Use the hashtag #30healthybreakfasts on Twitter or tweet to her directly at @rekhakakkar with your suggestions. And remember, people: these are healthy international breakfasts, so don’t send her your recipe for how to make a Denny’s Grand Slam at home.

We might not be taking on the challenge anytime soon, but we encourage all of you to try it out. Need some inspiration? Check out the Israeli shakshuka that Rekha made:

shakshuka israelvia My Tasty Curry

If you want to see more great photos like this, get recipes for great international breakfast foods, or just follow Rekha’s progress in the 30 Days, 30 Breakfasts, 30 Countries challenge, be sure to like her on Facebook and follower her on Pinterest!

featured image via My Tasty Curry

Will you be trying out this international breakfast challenge?

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