If you’re like us, you probably make some pretty hasty decisions when buying plane tickets. In a world where one click of the refresh button can take you from a reasonable deal on a flight to your dream vacation in Miami to an exorbitant fee that has you saying “No way in hell am I paying that much to go to Florida,” a wanton disregard for reason and a quickfire response are often key factors in booking a trip.

However, this idea that air travel needs to be decided almost immediately after your vacation is dreamed up is not necessarily true. As Angie’s List points out in this infographic, there are certain time frames (and even specific days of the week) during which purchasing tickets can leave your wallet fuller and your impending trip less stressful.

Of course, this guide for when to buy airline tickets isn’t the last word in airfare – after all, airlines make money by anticipating our buying habits, and our buying habits are subject to change. Nevertheless, this is a pretty good place to start:

when to buy airline tickets infographic

featured image credit: CLDoyle via photopin cc

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