I studied both French and Spanish in college, partly because I’ve always had an interest in language acquisition but primarily due to the fact that I was forced to pick up a double major to accompany my journalism concentration, and Romance languages seemed more rewarding than art history. I’m still pretty competent with French and I can read and understand Spanish, but trust me when I say that my level of proficiency in these languages is dropping like a stone by the day — which, according to this infographic on the hardest languages to learn from Voxy, is kind of embarrassing seeing as they are two of the easiest tongues for English speakers to master.

hardest languages to learn

Unfortunately my brain has matured beyond that sweet spot when it is possible to become completely fluent in another language, but I’m hoping with some hard work and perseverance I’ll be able to once again reach near-fluency in Spanish and French. I guess I’ll just have to wait to learn Russian, Finnish, and Korean in my next life. Oh, how youth is wasted on the young!

Have you ever tried to learn any of these languages? Were you successful or did you fail miserably and sob into your verb conjugation charts? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image via touchstonesupport.org.uk

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