In all my travels throughout New England, I’ve come to discover that the the region as a whole is a pretty weird place. The people there call water fountains “bubblers,” there is an inexplicably huge Portuguese population in Rhode Island, and everyone is obsessed with scraping up sea spiders from the bottom of the ocean and eating them with melted butter.

I wish I could say that the insatiable taste for lobster flesh was the weirdest thing about the New England appetite, but as you can see toward the bottom of this infographic, it is not. I’m referring specifically to coffee milk (the “official state drink” of Rhode Island that sounds more like a portly man’s Starbucks order), but I find the importance of baked beans and tomatoless chowders in the cuisine of New England to be quite suspect as well.

I also hear they eat corned beef hash by the pound, but that could be specific to my friend who lives in Boston. I’ll report back on my findings after I visit him this weekend.

Cuisine of New York City

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photo credit: The Vault DFW via photopin cc

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