Pubs in the UK aren’t faring so well these days, according to this infographic at least. As the visual points out, several factors have led to the shuttering of a large amount of local pubs throughout the regions of the United Kingdom. Needless to say, beer-loving Britons are not pleased by this development as pint guzzling is basically their national sport.

While I am also miffed by the pub closings (despite never having been to the UK), the whole thing is pretty mind boggling to me for one simple reason: don’t people usually drink more during a recession? Or is my recent obsession with nightly bottles of Pinot Grigio independent from the actions of the general global population? I also find the grassroots call to action at the bottom to be charmingly misguided, because if anyone in the world is going to carry out a survey or start a petition for a cause, it’s probably not a group of perpetually wasted bar dwellers with fish & chip food babies.

But regardless, here’s hoping that the UK doesn’t go pub-less by 2058. Fight the good fight, drunks!

The Decline Of Pubs in the UK

 lead image via Adam Bruderer  

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