Answer without thinking: which is a better city London or New York? We know any good traveler can’t pick a favorite city. Picking a favorite destination is like picking a favorite child. It is impossible to do because two different cities offer up a kaleidoscope of attributes. What you may adore about one city, another city may lack completely. Comparing two fantastic cities like London and New York, especially when so many people compare their similarities so often, is no easy undertaking.

Both New York and London are cities of great diversity and leisure and their similarities put them in competition for the title of “the better city”. While abroad for a few months, traveling to London was a city of solace for the home (New York) I missed, but it was also a city like I had never experienced. Numerous parks and the feeling of being upper class, even when you could barely afford a 3£ coffee, was something new compared to stepping over a puddle of someone else’s urine on a New York subway. Yet, London lacked the beat that is so apparent as soon as you step over the piss puddle and into New York’s streets.

So which is better: London or New York City? We know they have more similarities than just being cities in which Kanye West frequently curses out the paparazzi, but their contrasts are just as pronounced. Maybe the infographic, London VS. NYC, by Expedia, can help you decide: London or NYC?

London VS. NYC Infographic


Are you team London or team New York?

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