Believe it or not, 2014 is more than half way over, and researchers are already analyzing travel trends from the past 8 and a half months of the year. Even though there are still 4 more months in 2014, Airbnb is getting a head start on the fun and announcing the most popular destinations and trends in travel of 2014 with their: Where to Go in 2014: Travel Trends From Airbnb Travelers infographic.

After close examination of this infographic, we are proud to announce that travelers everywhere are expanding their horizons (no pun intended). Instead of the usual Orlando, Florida or Cancun, Mexico, travelers are branching out to less desired places and increasing tourism rates for cities that normally aren’t as popular. Tourists are checking out the places that so many have on their “must see” list, but are unfortunately deterred by the uncertainty in traveling to an unexplored place.

2014 Travel trends indicate that places like Guatemala, Morocco, India, rural Italy and Spain, Bosnia, and Malaysia have all seen an increase in tourism. If these countries are entertaining tourists more, that only means better news for economies and future travels. Airbnb’s infographic is also recognizing the difference in the way people are lodging while traveling in 2014. Of course hotels and apartment rentals are still the most convenient, but people are also getting more daring in the way they stay in countries with accommodations like the yurt, which is a collapsable dome tent.

Needless to say, even though the year is not very close to being over, 2014 travel trends thus far are proving to be some of the most interesting yet. Travel Freak can’t wait to see what the year end has to say to wrap up 2014 travel trends, but so far we like what we see!

Where to Go in 2014 for Infographic; Where to Go in 2014 Travel Trends


Where have you traveled in 2014?


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