According to Massive Health‘s “Who Eats What?” infographic, the world’s twelve most popular foods are (in order) salad, chicken, cheese, rice, tea, coffee, milk, eggs, apples, soup, yogurt and bread. All of this sounds pretty standard (and kind of boring), but when you break down the favorite foods of the world by city it’s easy to see how geographic location and culture affect our diet. I’m especially interested in the comparison between how people eat in New York and Philadelphia, because it reminds me why I live in New York and not in fat, greasy Philadelphia. And I appreciate that reminder.

Check out the favorite foods of these two cities as well as San Francisco, Copenhagen, Sao Paulo and Tokyo, and if you have any trouble reading the infographic below you can blow it up about 400x by clicking here.

favorite foods of the world

featured image via kuwashima

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