Discover one Photojournalist’s journey around the world as he shares life’s moments captured through his lens.
In today’s media driven world we can capture stunning moments in life with our phones or tablets. Then, there are the Photojournalist like Bill Foley, who travel the world to record life on the front lines of war, tragedy, and witness the small triumphs that celebrate our humanity.
In the exhibit, Art Meets News: The Work of Photojournalist Bill Foley at the Indiana State Museum, we follow the life of the Hoosier Photojournalist, who has spent decades capturing news and events with his remarkable photographs.
Foley traveled from the Midwest to the Middle East, and on his travels he captured the only last known living portrait of Anwar Sadat. He was there to take the first photos of the Sabra and Shatila massacre, for which he won the Pulitzer Prize. Through his lens, he has captured many iconic photos that have put a face on the complexities of politics, the devastation of war, and the universality of the human spirit.
As you explore the exhibit you’ll follow his career from his start in Bloomington, Indiana to his 1983 Pulitzer Prize for Spot News Photography and beyond. The exhibit reveals how his technical expertise, experience in the field, and natural instincts come together to create photographs that are infused with both emotion and clarity.
Photography is an art, in which technical expertise and experience play an important role, yet it is a Photojournalist’s natural instinct and innate talent as an artist that push their work past the tipping point between news and art as you’ll discover in this amazing exhibit.
Interesting Facts
If you are visiting or live in Indiana and capture a great shot of Everyday Indiana Life submit it to the Art Meets News Photo Contest. Photo’s can be submitted on Instagram using the hashtag #FoleyContest. For the grand prize winner they’ll win a $100 gift card to Roberts Camera will be chosen by Bill Foley and announced in early August.  Last date for contest entries is near the end of June. There will be monthly winners as well. Visit this link for contest rules.
The Indiana State Museum is among the state’s exceptional museums, and is located within White River State Park in downtown Indianapolis at 650 W. Washington. To discover more exciting events and exhibits to enjoy on your visit to the Indiana State Museum go to their website online.

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