How many times have you read a travel blog by a random traveler whose life looks way cooler than yours? The person has been through all of Asia and is currently making their way into Eastern Europe and their adventures aren’t even close to over. Their musings and scattered thoughts are typically meant to be read only by family members who are trying to follow their tracks from the comfort of their reclining chairs back home.

Unfortunately, for the people craving adventure in their own lives (that’s you), these blogs trigger all the thoughts on planning a trip, but they are often too unorganized to really gather information on a destination. We all wish we could live these lives, but let’s be honest, we aren’t all the most adventuresome. Some of us need structure…

That is why Hotels We Love is the most perfect travel blog that has ever existed. This travel blog gives readers the run down of what is what and who is who in multiple different cities. It breaks travel down by think, play, and sleep, which are really the only things that are important when it comes to a new voyage. Beyond the breaking down of cities, the Hotels We Love includes the random meditations on travel and cool things from around the world.

The creators of this blog, Rachael and Laurence, are two travel enthusiasts and professionals who have worked on different media projects for just about every reputable media/travel media company around. Their new blog is quickly climbing the lists for best travel blogs, and Travel Freak couldn’t agree more with the popular opinion. Hotels We Love is  a model example of what every traveler wishes they had as an index for travel. Add it to your favorites people, because this blog is going to make your travel life a whole lot easier.

As always, we encourage you to get lost in your travel, but first let Hotels We Love help you find it!

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