It’s a Wild Wednesday, and we’re sharing a few tips to help you and your pets enjoy a happier holiday season.

The holidays are a festive time as we prepare for family gatherings and begin decorating the house. It’s also a time when pets are a bit naughty, especially when it comes to the Christmas tree and decorations, so, we’re sharing a few helpful tips for a happier holiday season with your pets.

Dogs Like To Water The Christmas Tree


Think about it – if you were a dog, wouldn’t you be happier with a tree indoors rather than going outside in the snow to relieve yourself? Yep, it’s probably crossed their mind, and that smell of a fresh Christmas Tree is hard to resist. Of course, artificial Trees are less likely to be a problem because there’s no smell.

Essential oils can be helpful in deterring your dog from watering the fresh tree. Among these oils is cinnamon, which is one of the popular scents of the season. Just add a drop of cinnamon on a few cotton balls and place them around the tree. Another option is a few drops of vinegar on cotton balls that is also great for eliminating unwanted odors.

Playful Kitties Love Holiday Ornaments


We enjoy decorating the Christmas Tree. It’s a time to put on our favorite holiday songs, share hot cocoa, and decorate the tree with decorations we’ve collected throughout the year. While we were decorating the Twins are sleeping on the couch; oh yes, they look cute and innocent. After all the ornaments are hung, and garland, and lights are strung, the tree looks perfect. Hours later, we’re in the kitchen making dinner and hear a crash, and what do we find; the Twins peeking out from beneath the tree.

All those pretty ornaments dangling on the tree are so inviting to cats. After our last fiasco with the Twins and the tree, we found securing it with a sturdy string makes it less likely to fall. Another helpful solution is a few well placed cotton balls with citrus oil. We’re using orange, although lemon and lime work as well.

Remember Your Pets During The Holiday Rush


It’s the holiday season, and we can get really busy preparing for our family gatherings and feast. Pets tend to get anxious and even misbehave if they feel ignored because we’re busy in the kitchen or shopping too long. Or, there may be too many people coming in and out of the house. This can led to pottying in the house or even chewing up items to get your attention, which includes those pretty presents under the tree!

While some pets are okay with a lot of company, others may get nervous, and even aggressive. Cats can be especially sensitive to loud noises, so plan ahead, and consider putting them in a quiet room. A bit of food, water, and their litter box, and they’ll be much happier away from the commotion of relatives coming and going.

Using a pet gate can be a good choice with dogs. They can still see you, and they’re away from the festivities so they can relax. Let visiting family and friends know about any house rules such as not to feed the dog. This will help prevent misunderstandings later. If you’re planning to visit relatives and will be gone for a few days it is wise to make plans for a Pet Sitter or boarding arrangements soon they fill up quickly over the holiday season. If you plan on traveling with your pet follow this link for some helpful tips.

Have A Happy Holiday Season With Your Pets!


Contact your local Humane Society or Pet Shelter to adopt animals in need of a loving home. For tips on pet care speak to your vet, who can offer suggestions on diet, health, and training tips.

Wild Wednesday Facts:

Christmas Trees, if chewed on by your pets can upset their stomachs. This also means that the tree water is unsafe. Provide plenty of water in their bowls. And, covering the tree stand bowl with plastic wrap to prevent your pets from drinking it. Watch for excessive licking, vomiting, or drooling if you suspect your pet has eaten parts of your tree. If your pets condition worsens, call your local vet.

The weather has grown colder, and just as we bundle up to ward off the cold our pets also feel the bite of the fringed temperatures. Keep an eye on your inside pets when they go out to relieve themselves. If they start raising one foot or the other it means their feet are too cold. Once you bring them in the house be sure to wipe their feet to remove any salt, which can irritate their feet.

Cotton balls are perfect for children to make into little snowmen, which you can add sprinkles and a ribbon to for hanging on the tree. Once they’ve completed the ornament, just add a few drops of a citrus essential oil or other oil and you have a creative ornaments to deter your pets from bothering the tree.

If you’ve considered getting a new pet contact your local Humane Society or Pet Shelter first. Pets found here have all their shots, have been spayed or neutered, and are in need of a loving home. Receiving a pet for Christmas is exciting, especially if it’s a puppy or kitten. They’re playful and loving, yet, they do grown up, and require a lot of attention, so be sure to set down the rules for pet care. This includes deciding who is going to feed the pet? Who will take it out, and clean up its mess if there’s an accident?

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