Tis’ the season to whip out your wallet and buy the best presents for friends and family. The holiday season gets expensive real fast when you are trying to think of the greatest possible gift to buy for a loved one. Of course, gifting a trip to Aruba to your parents for the holiday’s would put you in the running for favorite son/daughter, but that isn’t realistic now is it? We spend so much time on Amazon looking at the most generic gifts in the world, and we call that hard work. We would like to propose otherwise.

So the question is, if you want to give a gift that can’t be found in the mall or online, than where should you be shopping? Well, we aren’t in Europe, but we would like to propose trying out a local holiday market this year. We aren’t pulling your leg on this one, America is officially cool enough to host its own holiday markets that don’t completely suck. Meet vendors, drink hot chocolate, eat fried dough, peruse the merchandise, and buy your loved ones a gift that their coworkers won’t also stroll up to the office using/wearing after the holidays this year. Shout out to Ugg boots.

We aren’t suggesting that you don’t put thought into gifts, but holiday markets are a lot more fun than trying to make your online cart reach the minimum for free shipping. They are a seasonal experience that you just can’t pass up. Interested in finding your local holiday market? Check out Travel & Leisure‘s  Christmas Markets for the listings of America’s holiday markets. Find your location, find your time, then shop until you find a little something for everyone!

union square holiday market for best american holiday markets


Which Christmas Market will you go to?


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