So your best friend is FINALLY going to Europe for the first time ever. You’re so proud of them, overwhelmed with joy for them, ecstatic for them. You’ve only ever dreamed of taking the world by storm together. This is quite possibly going to be the most incredible summer of their life so far. Three countries, two weeks, and one… boyfriend… oh… boy… not best… *Sigh* alright fine so he’s pretty great and if your best bud is going to frolic abroad with anyone besides you, whatever, you guess this works. Plus, chances are they’ll instantly get addicted, just like you did on your first trip, and there will be plenty of travels for the two of you, or hey maybe even the four of you if you manage to land a cutie too, for the rest of your adventurous little lives. While it might be the realest of real struggles you need to put on a brave face and cover up your agony, as a best friend and as a travel freak it is your duty to prepare them to the best of your ability, and help make sure this trip goes perfectly… even though this trip is going without you. So…

Remind them to change their currency at their own bank at home BEFORE going abroad.

The home bank will do it for cheap if not for free, where as changing into the local currency at the airport or a foreign bank would end up costing like half of what they’re trying to change over.


Take them shopping

They need a new swimsuit. You know, since they’re going to the actual south of France. And hey you can even buy yourself one too for being such a great pal and not fussing too much about how perfect their life is. You can lay out in your driveway and pretend that your creepy neighbor is just a charming local in your host land intrigued by your exotic foreignness.


You should probably help them pack

Or at least go hang out in their room and lounge on their bed while they do the work. This is their first visit to Europe after all, so without you they might not realize that they need to leave space for all the souvenirs they are totally going to bring you, or that once they lay eyes on the old world cobblestone they’re going to regret choosing those fabulous sandals over sneakers. You’re so wise. It’s a good thing they have you.


Let them borrow all your hostel gear

No use in them spending all that extra cash on things you know they’ll take good care of and bring right back to you. Give them your adapters so they can charge their ipad and send you beautiful photos at least every three days. Oh and your bag locks so they can sleep soundly without worrying about anyone getting into their backpack and swiping their camera or all those cute shot glasses they bought. Last but not least, your keychain pepper spray because you know safe travels are happy travels. You are such a good friend.


Make sure their phone is on airplane mode

So they don’t get hit with ridiculous roaming fees, and also put some of your most reliable travel apps on there in case they suddenly need to find a new place to stay or a safe and affordable ride over to Germany.


Make them lists

Seeing as you go adventuring every time you save up enough for a plane ticket, you’ve been around, so make your boo a list of do’s and don’t’s and/or a list of favorite places. Things like, when you at least make the effort to greet locals in their own language and give it a good try they’ll be more likely to do you a solid and switch to English when you’re clearly struggling, or maybe, a reminder that tipping isn’t the same in every country. And be sure to name some good bars and clubs so they don’t end up someplace sketchy like you accidentally did that one time.


Lastly, even though it’ll hurt a little inside, celebrate with them

Hold their hands and jump around in circles with them. Be excited with them, for them. Be enthused, perhaps even more than they are, throughout the entire planning process. Mask your sorrows until they’re over international waters. Plus, before you know it they’ll be back and telling you all of their amazing stories and you’ll go ahead and live vicariously. You got this.

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Where is your best friend going on their summer trip?

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American by chance, but Roman by choice, Sarah is currently feeding her adventurous soul with expatriatism and pizza. Her finest moments are always on the wrong bus with a backpack and an upside down map, waiting to see what the world’s got for her next, so long as she can blog about it. She likes writing more than talking, dolphins more than humans, old movies more than new, and Rome more than anything else.


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