Waves. No, not the Mr. Probz hit. The physical crashing of water from the depths of the ocean to the shores of a beach. People always say things like, “I love the sound of waves” or “I love watching waves”. That is all well and good because waves make peaceful noises and it is easy to get lost in their tranquility, but on a more realistic note, waves are one of the deadliest forces in nature. Let’s think about that for a second.

Now let’s think about the fact that there are people who spend their lives looking for the deadliest wave. When they find it, they put take a piece of board and ride it. To each his own. We are not trying to say ya’ll are nuts, but we will say it takes some guts. November to February marks Hawaiian Wave Season, so plenty of thrill seeking adventurists will be flocking to the islands in search of 30 feet waves that could wipe a person in out in less than a second. Meeting the waves of the Banzai Pipeline is usually the goal for surfing enthusiasts, and to them we say good luck and please come back.

For the rest of us faint of heart, we can watch the footage from the comfort of our own beds. BBC Travel compiled a video of the best of Hawaiin Wave Season that gives us some incredible footage of what one of the world’s deadliest wave looks like for surfers. If you hate surfing, there is some great violin music in the background that will make up for the horribly boring video (lol obviously).

Banzai Pipeline for Hawaiian Wave Season




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