Just in time for Halloween, we’ve put together a list of haunted hotels and hostels in the United States. The stories behind these places range from interesting to down right creepy. Either way, staying at any of these spots is a fun way to get into the Halloween spirit, and maybe have some ghost stories to tell of your own when you check out.

1. Jailhouse Inn – Newport, Rhode Island

jailhouse inn

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The Jailhouse Inn gets its name from what was there before the inn was built – the Newport County Jail. The inn keeps with the theme and have artifacts all over the inn, including articles about famous criminals. This place has been known to have some paranormal activity, especially on the third floor. Guests have said that they’ve felt a “presence” while there, and feel cold gusts of wind on hot nights when the windows are closed. Some guests have said they’ve heard whispering voices, but can’t identify where they’re coming from.

2. The Stanley Hotel – Estes Park, Colorado

Stanley HOtel

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This hotel inspired the author of terror, Stephen King. It was inspiration for the fictional Overlook Hotel in The Shining, probably the most terrifying hotel related movie, ever. The staff and guests have overwhelminly reported that they have felt spiritual presences when staying there, especially on the fourth floor. It’s also popularly reported that the founder, F.O. Stanley, has been seen. The most chilling experinece of them all? Guests have reported to hearing a piano being played. Stanley’s wife, Flora, played the piano when they were at the hotel. Maybe they never left.

3. The Logan Inn – New Hope, PA

Logan Inn

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The Logan Inn is one of  five of the oldest continuously running inns in the United States. It’s been around 290 years, and this hotel has got a poltergeist on its hands. Room 6, known as Emily’s room, is the room with the most paranormal experiences. Emily was the mother of the former owner of the hotel, is a ghost who loves to play around with guests. She appears to a select few, and is always playing tricks, like rearranging luggage and messing with the furniture, their pillows pulled out from their heads when they’re sleeping. She is detected by the smell of lavender in the room. There have also been reports of an apparition of a young girl.

4. Buxton Inn – Grandville, Ohio


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The Buxton Inn stands at 199 years old, with a chilling story behind it. The inn was originally a tavern, and Major Buxton was one of the owners and operators,  later followed by Ethel “Bonnie” Bounell. Her favorite scent of gardenias can still sometimes be smelled in the hallways, and there have been frequent reports of Buxton walking through the inn. It’s said that Bonnie died in room nine. Guests who stay in that room say they’ve seen a lady dressed in blue, and guests staying in other rooms said they have seen shadowy figures. Other reports include doors slamming shut and opening on their own, and their names being called out in the night. Another apparition that’s been spotted is that of a cat, jumping on beds and walking from room to room.

5. Hotel Provincial – New Orleans, Louisiana


photo via Hotel Provincial 

A military hospital was located on this same site in 1722. That explains why guests have reported seeing the solider of a ghost haunt the grounds. A guest claimed seeing him in full uniform, standing in their closet. Many guests have reported hearing doors everything from opening and closing to voices and footsteps. Entities of doctors and soldiers crying out for help have also been spotted, and the moans of the wounded can also be heard.

6. The Crescent Hotel & Spa – Eureka Springs, Arkansas


photo via multivu

Guests at this hotel have reported sightings in many parts of the hotel. Dr. Norman Baker, a doctor who ran a hospital and health resort in the building in the 1930’s, is often spotted outside. In another one of the rooms, guests reportedly have seen ghosts in Victorian Era clothing.  Guests also report seeing faces and shadows all around the hotel.

What haunted hotel would you like to visit?


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