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After traveling to other countries, you’ve  most likely made friends from other countries who speak other languages-or, we hope you met some locals. Here’s why you should. They helped you learn tiny bits of their language, even if it was only the basic words of hello, goodbye, thank you, bathroom, and…nearest good food and alcohol. You put those years of Spanish or French into practice and taught them some new English words as well. Learning languages while traveling is much more enjoyable abroad, but try not to forget everything back home.

Okay, you already did, but here’s a chance to learn a few new words.

Now that you are home for the holidays, you’ve been meaning to check in with your traveling friends. They were a huge part of your life, even if only for a short time. Wouldn’t it be great if you could tell them happy holidays in their language? Yes, it would. They will appreciate your efforts, or at least get a laugh or two at your pronunciation.

French: Joyeuses Fêtes

German: Forhe Feiertage

Italian: Buone Feste

Japanese:  幸せな休日

Korean: 행복 휴일

Mandarin: 節日快樂

Spanish: Felices Fiestas

Turkish: Mutlu Bayramlar

Danish: Glade Feriedage

Portuguese: Boas Festas

Hungarian: Boldog Ünnepeket

Greek: Καλές δικακοπές

Do you speak other languages?

Sydney Pereira is a student at New York University trying to change the world while simultaneously making enough money to travel when she's not studying or writing. She's also an athlete, music-lover, and avid news reader. When she's not exploring NYC, fresh flowers from the farmer's market and a cup of hot tea on a lazy Saturday are equally fulfilling.



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