There are really no words to describe the city of Florence. Florence, Italy is the most breathtaking dose of architecture, culture and food a human can ask for. One day in this city and you will feel more worldly, and not in the “I went on spring break in Cancun” way. Sometimes this city gets a bad rap because it is a hub for studying abroad (I myself studied there), but it is just because it is a city built on liberal arts. Compiling this list of food, drinks, and fun in Florence, I found myself editing the list over and over, trying to narrow down my dozens of recommendations to just 7 places to spend 7 nights in Florence. I vow not to steer you wrong (although there are plenty more places to experience than this). Here is how you should spend your 7 nights in Firenze.

Sunday: Il Gatto e La Volpe 

For your first meal in Florence, try some good old fashioned florentine family style food at Il Gatto e la Volpe. The portions at this restaurant are outrageous and it is the perfect place to eat with friends (especially pre-drinking). The dishes are Italian country homestyle comfort food, so nothing that your tastebuds meet will be sad.

Il Gatto e la Volpe for 7 Nights in Florence.jpg


Monday: Il Latini

Il Latini is ranked as one of the best restaurants to dine at while in Florence. The decor (meat hanging from the ceiling) may not be the most modern, but it will be the freshest meal of your life guaranteed. This is the place that all new visitors to Florence are sent to try the bistecca that Florence is famous for. Eat your heart out, or the heart of some sort of farm animal. It’s a delicacy…

Il Latini for 7 nights in Florence.jpg


Tuesday: Il Pizzaiuolo 

Let’s get down to the thing that is on all of our minds when it comes to Italy: pizza. Il Pizzaiuolo is the place to go for pizza in Florence. This picture must have been taken during the holiday season, but when the joint isn’t decked out in garland, it is a quaint restaurant that serves the best pizza in town. Get there early, there is a line out the door as soon as it opens. Oh, Italian time…

Il Pizzaiuolo for 7 Nights in Florence.jpg


Wednesday: Trattoria ZaZa

Zaza’s will is be the most interesting restaurant to visit in Florence. The interior feels like the mind of a mad man, but the food is delectable. It has much more of a variety to the menu than the other restaurants on this list. Every meal has a modern Italian twist to it, which makes the dishes different than anything you will try. Enjoy drinks and dinner here, especially if you get to dine on their outdoor deck.

La Trattoria Zaza for 7 Nights in Florence.jpg


Thursday: Il Santino

Yet another Italian classic: wine. Wine bars are a great way to spend a night in Florence because they are laid back, but social spot. Enjoy a glass of Chianti with some bread and prosciutto. It will be the greatest Thursday night you have ever spent with a bottle of wine… we are looking at you every girl in her twenties reading this.

Il Santino  Wine Bar for 7 Nights in Florence.jpg


Friday: Kikuya Pub

Kikuya may be an English pub but there is nothing English about it. The vibe inside is incredibly relaxed in a decadent way, just like all of Florence. It will be hard to put your finger on why this place is so amazing, but you will not want to leave. The tradition at Kikuya is to buy a Dragoon beer. Careful though, they are not for lightweights… you have been warned.

Kikuya Pub for 7 Nights in Florence.jpg


Saturday: The Red Garter

For your Saturday night in Florence, try singing at The Red Garter. There are plenty of fantastic and creepy clubs in Florence, but The Red Garter is the perfect mix of club scene and bar scene. There is a stage for karaoke some nights and there is a dance floor big enough for you and all the Italians interested in meeting Americans.

The Red Garter for 7 Nights in Florence.jpg


Andare a Firenze?


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