We haven’t had a good old European trip in some time, so why not bring it back to one of the islands on that side of the sea. Dublin, Ireland is not known for its food, but it is known for its good times, good people and good beer. Our goal for the next 7 nights is to celebrate all the things Dublin is already good at, while adding in a few restaurants that will make you think otherwise about Irish cuisine. Spend the next 7 nights in Dublin with Travel Freak, and we promise we will have you adding good food/drink to the list of all of Dublin’s strengths!


Sunday: The Winding Stair

40 Lower Ormond Quay

The Winding Stair for 7 Nights in Dublin


With one look at the front of this restaurant, you will feel like you are in old Ireland. The Winding Stair‘s name comes from the winding stair case within the cafe and book store that has become famous for being in a few movies. Although some may think this place is overrated because of its popularity, the food is nothing to turn a nose up at. Traditional and local Irish food. You can’t beat that sort of cooking.

Monday: Crackbird

60 Dame Street

CrackBird for 7 Nights in Dublin


Who knew that fried chicken was a thing in Dublin? If it was possible to have a classy fried chicken place, Crackbird would be it. There are a variety of options to dry your chicken, and the sides are almost as good as the chicken itself. It is a decently priced restaurant and a great way to spend a Tuesday night in Dublin…elbow deep in some fancy fried chicken.

Tuesday: The Pig’s Ear

4 Nassau Street

The Pig's Ear for 7 Nights in Dublin


Talk about an award winning dinner, The Pig’s Ear has been recognized by Michelin, aka the top of the top. The name of this restaurant may sound utterly disgusting, but the food does not reflect the taste of a pig’s ear in the slightest bit. This is another restaurant serving up local and traditional Irish food, so put on your fat pants for this meal. It is going to be a filling one.

Wednesday: L. Mulligan Grocer

18 Stoneybatter

L. Mulligan Grocer for 7 Nights in Dublin


Do you like whiskey? We hope so, because L. Mulligan Grocer‘s whiskey list is something to be proud of. If you don’t like whiskey, never fear because the food is even better than the drink. With such high ratings, this restaurant has been described as the highest standard in Irish cuisine. We know Irish cuisine has a terrible reputation, but L. Mulligan Grocer breaks the stereotype.

Thursday: Drury Buildings

52-55 Drury Street

The Drury Building for 7 Nights in Dublin


You may eat here if you would like, but we picked Drury Buildings for the cocktail menu and the venue space. Grab a drink or ten and never leave the garden area of the stunning building. You will feel like you truly fit in with the relaxed Dublin scene, until you realize what your 2 cocktails cost… Is that in Euros or…

Friday: The Bath Pub

26 Bath Avenue

The Bath Pub for 7 nights in Dublin


The Bath Pub, not the bath tub… get it? We chose this pub because it is not the traditional rowdy Irish pub, you know, the one you will end up at by the end of the night. It is a great place to start the night, and see where it takes you. It is a laid back pub with an easy going atmosphere, so get ready to hang out with some old Irishmen who love to tell long tales.

Saturday: The Church

Junction of Mary Street & Jervis Street

T'he Church for 7 Nights in Dublin


Where else would Dublin’s best nightclub be but in an old church? The Church is an old cathedral converted into one of the greatest nightclubs in Boston. Not only is it  beautiful, but it is a hell (can we say that here) of a lot of fun.

Where will you go out in Dublin?


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