We haven’t been to South America in our “7 night” adventures yet, so this week Travel Freak is on our way to Buenos Aires, Argentina for a week of eating, drinking, and possibly some partying. Buenos Aires is one of those cities you can’t not fall in love with. The South American culture collides with old European culture to create a world so irresistible, you may never board the second half of your round trip flight. Don’t believe us? Try out these places for 7 nights and then tell us how you feel about Buenos Aires!

Sunday: Cafe San Juan

Av San Juan 450

San Juan Cafe for 7 Nights in Buenos Aires.jpg


Start your week of eating some of the greatest blend of food on Earth at  Cafe San Juan. Although it sounds like the most cliche name for a South American restaurant, this is nothing like the other cafes that call themselves authentic. The chef, Leandro Cristobal (that name alone), is known for his out of this world food. A modern twist on old Argentinian food, this restaurant will not disappoint.

Monday: Don Julio

Guatemala 4699

Don Julio for 7 Nights in Buenos Aires.jpg


Every one knows Don Julio is the place to go for a prime piece of steak in Buenos Aires. Since Buenos Aires is famous for their parrilla, you better know it is something on the to-try list for most travelers in Buenos Aires. Don Julio doesn’t joke around when it comes to its parrilla, so this should be the place “to try”.

Tuesday: Cumana

Rodriguez Pena 1149

Cumana for 7 Nights in Buenos Aires.jpg


Another place to experience traditional Argentinian cuisine, Cumana is a restaurant with a laid back atmosphere and delicious eats. Enjoy a brick oven dinner with your fellow travelers. It will be the most comforting meal you have all week.

Wednesday: Casa Saltshaker

See Website for Information

Casa Saltshaker for 7 nights in Buenos Aires.jpg


To mix things up just a bit, try out Casa Saltshaker. Casa Saltshaker is not a restaurant at all, but chef Dan Perlman’s home, where he cooks for you, or teaches you how to cook a meal. It could certainly be an interesting way to spice up your meals in Buenos Aires.

Thursday: Bar 878

Thames 878

Ocho7Ocho Bar for 7 Nights in Buenos Aires.jpg


Bar 878 is one of the most popular bars in Buenos Aires. Whether you are a local or just visiting, this is the place to get your drink on. Head to Bar 878 for some speakeasy fun and a traditional Argentinian bar vibe.

Friday: La Puerta Roja

Chacabuco 733

La Puerta Roja for 7 Nights in Buenos Aires.jpg


On Friday, La Puerta Roja will prove the best way for to have an easy drink. This bar is well known but underrated among the bar scene in Buenos Aires, but it is sure to be a great time at any hour, specifically happy hour.

Saturday: Squat House

Location Varies

Squat House for 7 Nights in Buenos Aires.jpg


Just another way Buenos Aires is turning things around. Squat House is an ongoing house party that switches locations every weekend. Try to see if you can catch it while in Buenos Aires!

Where will you go in Buenos Aires?


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