Scotland is home to some amazing cities, beautiful scenery and fantastic roads. This makes it a great country to travel around for a road trip. What you see depends on what you like to get out of a trip. I, personally, like small windy roads that go through the hills and stopping at cafés in little villages. Here are some ideas for a great Scottish road trip.

Do your research

Perhaps you already know that you want to go to Edinburgh but Inverness is the next big stop. Instead of driving along the main road to your next stop, do some research to see what’s in between.

It might be that you find a lovely little village to stop in, or a gorgeous view point at the top of one of the many hills along this drive. All you need to do is sit with a map and choose places that look interesting.


Take your time

Don’t rush between your destinations. Yes you’ll get to see more of that place but the whole point of a road trip is what you see along the way. Try not to give yourself more than two or three hours of driving a day (around 90 miles). This means that if you do stop frequently, you’ll still have plenty of time to explore your chosen destination.

Stop frequently

If you’ve given yourself loads of time to get between places, you’ll have the chance to stop anywhere that looks interesting. It might be a tearoom you spied on Google Maps or it might be a local attraction you just passed a sign for.

Explore the places you drive through and don’t be afraid to stop whenever you fancy it.


Be a tourist

So many people are frightened of looking like a tourist but you should embrace it. Take photos, visit the tourist attractions and make the most of the place you’re in. This is especially true if you’re  visiting places you might not come back to for a while.

Go off the beaten path

Along with the usual tourist attractions, you should also go off the beaten path to discover new and exciting things that might not be so frequently visited. These might be beautiful walks, a local’s recommendation for a restaurant or a particularly interesting rock formation. If you get to speak to the locals, this is a great way to find out about places that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

When will you take your Scottish road trip?

images via Traci Cueto

Trudi Cueto works for The Edinburgh Apartment. If you are visiting the city, make sure to stay close to all of the sights.


  1. Its an incredibly scenic, out of this world place Scotland. I have only done a day trip from Edinburgh up to Loch Ness and the Highlands and had one of the best days of my travelling life. Would love to see the the rest of the country, slowly as you suggest, someday.


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