It is no lie that China is revolutionary when it comes to creating tourist attractions that will have people returning to this vast country over and over again. Chinese cities continue to keep coming up with the next best thing and market it to the public. Well, they have done it again. China is now exploiting the world’s obsession with all things glass-bottomed: ahem, boats, buildings, cliff walks, etc.

In the Hunan Province of China, there is a county called Pingjiang that has just introduced it’s 180 meter high glass bottom bridge to the area. The new attraction hangs between two peaks and is a stretch of very transparent glass on the bottom. To top that, the glass bottom bridge is not stationary. So while tourists are having a heart attack just looking below their feet they can also get third degree rope burns as they hold tight to the sides when the wind is blowing.

The developers of the glass bottom bridge in Pingjiang know their audience well though. They are fully aware that thrill seekers actually jump off cliffs in order to get their rush. The people who would walk over a glass bottom bridge are mediocre risk takers, who will make it half way across the bridge only to realize they are paralyzed in fear. For that very reason, the bridge has a staff trained for coaching those brave people, who get the runs midway through their, over the bridge. Pingjiang really thought this one through.

Check out the terrifying glass bottom bridge below. We don’t think there is a Target at the end of the bridge, so try to make it all the way through without the issues stated above.

Glass Bottom Bridge for Pingjiang Glass Bottom Bridge


Would you walk on a glass bottom bridge?


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