You’ve no doubt had an amazing summer full of travel adventures, but September is just around the corner and before you know it you’ll be trading the sun screen for scarves. We’re all always sad to see summer and all of its vacation wonders go, so it can’t hurt to start early on planning our cooler month travel shenanigans so we can pass the time and get back to sweet, sweet summer once more, right? What kind of travel warms us from the inside out and keeps us dancing all night long, like summer never left us? Wine festivals. Grab your backpack and get ready to hit Europe for the fall, they’ve got a never ending calendar of wine festival fun. Check out these five great examples in person, and summer will be back before you can say “haaaaay vaf mey anotherr glack mmmkaaaay?” You know, because you’re drunk, so you’re saying things like that.

wine festivals

Photo via The Wine Club

Budavári Borfesztivál – Hungary

Where: Budapest

When: September 10 – 14

What: A visit to the Buda Castle Hill during the festival will allow guests to learn about the making of wine and taste the best wines of Hungary as well as those of a different guest country every year. Also enjoy traditional Hungarian food and folk music performances. 

wine festival hungary

Photo via Flickr/Borfesztivál22

Sagra dell’Uva – Italy

Where: Marino

When: 1st Sunday of October

What: The Marino wine festival is best known for its fountain event, where at one point during the festival the ‘Fountain of the Four Moors’ runs with sweet wine instead of water, and the wine is distributed for free to the public. Stories are told of one particularly eventful year, when someone connected the wine to the wrong pipes by mistake so instead of coming out of the single fountain, wine started pouring into people’s homes all throughout the town. AH WELL.

wine festival italy

Photo via Flickr/Josh Hickey

Beaujolais Nouveau Day – France

Where: Straight up everywhere

When: 3rd Thursday of November

What: Every year on the 3rd Thursday of November, just after the clock strikes midnight, the Beajolais Nouveau wine is released for sale, only weeks after the grapes have been harvested. This is, apparently, cause for the entire country to fest out and celebrate with music, fireworks, food and of course, the wine.

wine festival france

Photo via FoodWine

Dionyssia Wine Festival – Greece

Where: Athens

When: February 12 – 13

What: Taste as many new and classic Greek and International wines as you can stomach, in your take home commemorative wine glass, while mingling with the winemakers to talk shop and taking seminars.

wine festival greece

Photo via Viator

New Wine Festival – Georgia

Where: Tbilis

When: May

What: Once in a lifetime chance to try wine made in a Qvevri– an ancient clay wine making vessel originating in Georgia which results a unique and exquisite wine after being stored in the ground. 

wine festival georgia

Photo via Vinoge

Which of these wine festivals will you be attending?



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