Every Friday on Twitter is an event in the travel community called #FriFotos, where travelers share their favorite photos based on a predetermined theme. I don’t consider myself a photographer (for years I’ve used a digital camera with no viewfinder and a broken display screen that I call “Blind Cam”)but I figured that since I’m now an active travel tweeter, I should start joining the fun. This week’s theme is flowers, which should result in a slew of floral TwitPics seeing as everyone with a camera has taken a picture of a pretty flower at some point in their life. For my contribution, I thought I’d take everyone on a little trip to the Balearic Islands with some photos of Ibiza.

The party island of Ibiza is better known for its bacchanalia than for its natural beauty, but if you can look past the pendulous breasts of that topless party girl shimmying on the beach, you’ll find a scenic environment worth photographing. So I hope you enjoy these photos of Ibiza, because they’re probably the only ones that are appropriate enough to be published on the internet. The others, well… let’s just say they shouldn’t be seen by the general public, let alone my sister and infant niece who follow Travel Freak religiously.

But really, that is neither here nor there. Have a happy Friday, and remember to follow us on Twitter!

flower photos of ibiza

strangle flower photos of ibiza

photos of ibiza

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