Traveling brings its own set of rules and challenges. It can be an adventure, but like any adventure you should bring certain items to avoid problems and discomfort. Whether you are a frequent traveler or going on your first big trip, the following items can help make your trip easier.

7 Must-Have Items For Comfort And Organization During Your Travels

Toiletries Container

Toiletries like toothpaste, toothbrushes, cosmetics or shaving supplies should be kept separate from all of your other items. Choose a hard plastic container to keep these items safe and to contain any spills that may occur during your travels. It’s important to keep this container near the top of your bag or on one of the outside pouches for quick and easy access when needed.

Neck Rest

Whether you are traveling by land or by air, your neck muscles can feel the toll by the end of the day. Reduce the strain by using a neck rest. If you do not have room for a standard foam rest, buy the inflatable variety. These fold up and store easily when not inflated. These can be used in trains, cars and planes for convenient way to relax while spending long hours traveling.

Shipping Cases for Valuables

When you travel with valuables, make sure they are protected and secured in the right containers. Choose quality shipping cases specifically intended for your fragile or otherwise valuable items in need of protections. You should also use high quality cases if you plan to ship your valuables ahead of time to your destination.

Proper Travel Footwear

During travel of any kind, your feet take a lot of abuse. You may think that since you will be sitting a lot, that footwear does not matter too much, but that is incorrect. Feet tend to swell during any kind of travel and you should have a pair of travel shoes that are large enough to handle swelling without binding your feet. Travel shoes should also have a sturdy, non-skid sole and be made of natural, breathable materials. Shoes that lace up are best, as they are less likely to fall off your feet in case of an accident. Avoid slip-ons, sandals and heels.

Small or Medium Sized Bag with Compartments

At least one piece of your luggage should contain zippered compartments. These keep smaller items, such as small electronics, pens, identification and snacks easy to locate. When everything has its designated compartment, you will experience less frustration from searching for items and have less chance of losing things.

Compact Rain Poncho

Standard raincoats and any umbrella can take up a lot of room in a suitcase. No matter where you go, you can always be prepared for sudden rain showers by bringing a compact rain poncho. Look for these on the camping aisles in many large retail stores. The fold flat and can be stored nearly anywhere.

Wet Wipes

Messes can happen anywhere and you won’t want to rely on the availability of napkins. A small packet of wet wipes is very handy. These moistened wipes are great for cleaning up after meals or anytime you need freshening up.


As you plan your trip, it is most helpful to imagine yourself in various situations and pack items you imagine you will need for those situations. Remember that it is always better to be over prepared than to be under prepared.

Anita Ginsburg is a freelance writer from Denver, CO and often writes about travel, family and home. A mother of two, she enjoys traveling with her family when she isn’t writing.


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