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Last week Rome, Italy hosted it’s 9th international film festival and like every time before, it was a huge success. The world gathered at the arguably most spectacular arts complex in the Eternal City, the Auditorium Parco della Musica, to catch a glimpse of filmmakers and stars on the red carpet, listen to panel events, and of course to see this year’s masterpieces of cinema. The festival featured both Italian and International films and took place over ten days, showing films essentially all day long. The winners were announced on the last day of the festival, Sunday October 26th.

A BNL People’s Choice Award went to Trash by Stephen Daldry and also to Fino a qui tutto bene by Roan Johnson (BNL is an Italian bank and sponsor of the festival). A People’s Choice Award went to Shier gongmin / 12 Citizens by Xu Ang, to Haider by Vishal Bhardwaj, and to Looking for Kadija by Francesco G. Raganato.

The TAODUE Camera D’oro Prize for Best Debut Film went to:

  • – Andrea Di Stefano, director of Escobar: Paradise Lost
  • – Laura Hastings-Smith, producer of X+Y
  • – Special Mention: Last Summer by Leonardo Guerra Seràgnoli

The DOC/IT Award to the Best Italian Documentary went to Largo Baracche by Gaetano Di Vaio, and a Special Mention in the same category was given to Roma Termini by Bartolomeo Pampaloni.

While you’ll definitely want to check out the winners, don’t be quick to rule out the other debuts as well, they may not have placed but they still got into the festival for a reason. A particularly notable option is La Foresta Di Ghiaccio (or The Ice Forest) directed by Italian Claudio Noce and starring famed Serbian director Emir Kusturica as one of the lead actors. The film is mostly in Italian, but partially in Serbian, but the cinematography, music, and set are all so on point you’ll still probably have a good idea about what is going on even if you can’t quite understand all the words (or subtitles, but whatever). You’ll need a film buddy to snuggle for this thriller. A young mechanic comes to a small snow covered alps village near the Italian and Slovenian boarder to help fix an electric problem, when the sudden disappearance of his contact, a local worker, brings up suspicions and blame games, until the secrets of the town’s past are revealed. You’ll be on the edge of your foreign seat the entire time.

la foresta

Photo via FilmTV

Will you see any of the films featured at the Rome Film Festival?

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