If you’re going to be stomping around the capital city of Spain all day, you’re going to need some fuel. Madrid is a big yet walkable city with lots to see and do, so don’t forget to make time for some snackin’ to keep your energy on the ups. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that pretty much everything in sight is absolutely delicious. Here’s what food in Madrid you should totally eat when you visit.

Breakfast: Churros

So these may or may not be intended to be a breakfast food… okay, not. But they’re doughy and warm and sweet like breakfast should be, and the most famous churro shop in Madrid, San Ginés, is open 24 hours a day, so it’s kind of like they’re asking you to come for breakfast.


Lunch: Mini Sandwiches / Calamari Sandwich

All the tiny sandwiches of Madrid are filled with delicious wonderful things, and they can be found nearly around every corner. The calamari sandwich in particular is considered a staple dish of the city, so make sure you try that one. It’s pretty much straight forward fried calamari with seasoned mayonnaise on a dense bread. Don’t worry, since they’re so bitty and adorable you’ll have room to try lots more too.



Dinner: Tapas, tapas, oh and some more tapas

Madrid has countless spots to find amazing drinks and tapas on every street, however El Tigre in the city center is sort of known as the official place for travelers to try. Just five euros will get you a pretty impressive sized glass of beer or sangria, accompanied by a free and even more impressive-sized plate of a variety of tasty foods.


Dessert: Market Candies

You’re probably still full from tapas, at least if you aren’t lying to yourself, especially since dinner in Spain is around 10pm. However, if you go on a late night stroll to the outdoor markets, to help you digest your most grand and greasy dinner, you might come across some small sweets that make a perfect sugary bite before bed, but won’t infringe any further on the little space left in your stomach. Try the sugared almonds.


All Photos via Sarah Freeman

What food in Madrid will you try?

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