If you’re a fitness buff and are looking to book a vacation that’s cohesive to your lifestyle, you’re going to want to check out the top 10 fittest cities in America.

According to the American Fitness Index, San Jose, Boston, Denver and San Diego are among the fittest cities, with Washington D.C. coming in at number one, holding its title for another year.

To find the fittest cities, researchers from American College of Sports Medicine take a look at obesity, smoking, diabetes and environmental factors that would help improve community health. “I want to be physically active and healthy — does my environment or the community in which I live support my desire to be healthy?” said Walter R. Thompson, an AFI advisory board member.

fittest cities in america

So, how did Washington D.C make the number one spot? Well, for starters, it has a lot of parks! “For example, 95 percent of the population in Washington, D.C. lives within a 10-minute walk to a park. On the other end of the spectrum, [in] Indianapolis, which is 50th on our list, only 31 percent live within a 10-minute walking distance of a park.” Thompson told The Huffington Post. “Another consideration is how much funding goes to parks. In Washington, D.C., the city spends $287 per person per year on parks. Indianapolis only spends $24 per person per year on parks. All of our top ranked cities all spend more money on parks than our lowest ranked cities.”

Plus, the folks in Washington, D.C. have a personal health score of 79. This means, as an average, they are low on the obesity scale, smoke less and participate in some physical activity at least once a month.

Overall however, America didn’t do that great this year in terms of health. There was a drop in overall physical fitness, and an increase in diabetes and death….

Here’s the top 10 list:

1) Washington, D.C.

2) Minneapolis, M.N.

3) San Diego, C.A.

4) San Francisco, C.A.

5) Sacramento, C.A.

6) Denver, C.O.

7) Portland, O.R.

8) Seattle, W.A.

9) Boston, M.A.

10) San Jose, C.A.

Head over to the American Fitness Index website for more.

Will you visit one of the fittest cities in America?


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