When you’re getting ready for a big international trip, you make a list of all the must-see tourist attractions in that city or country. After all, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to check out places like the Louvre Museum in Paris, St. Mark’s Square in Venice or the Blarney Stone in Ireland. But are the germs worth it?

We already know that planes, airports and hotels carry a whole bunch of germs, but now, thanks to the people at Hassle Blog, we’re starting to realize that some of our favorite (and most famous) tourist attractions are actually pretty filthy. Now, this isn’t based on scientific evidence or anything, basically it was just the people at Hassel coming up with the “ dirtiest, oddest (and most bizarre) tourist attractions we could think of.”

Their list brings up some good points, like over 400,000 people kiss the Blarney Stone each year (yeah, let that sink it) or the fact that there is an entire wall in Seattle covered in people’s gum — kind of cool at first, but when you really think about it? Totally gross.  Of course this isn’t going to stop us from traveling to some of these iconic places (although, we’re probably going to skip the Cockroach Hall of Fame in Texas and the Rat Cafe in London). However, we’re definitely going to pack some extra hand sanitizer and soap the next time we hop a plane abroad.

Scroll down to see the full infographic below, and be sure to head over to Hassel for more information.


Filthiest Tourist Attractions

Are you planning on visiting some of these Filthiest Tourist Attractions around the world?


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