After Germany’s big win against Argentina at the FIFA World Cup, Germany was presented with their World Cup medals from the flight attendants of Emirates and everyone wanted to know why. The answer? Well, according to Jaunted, Emirates was a huge sponsor for this year’s World Cup, and therefore their attendants got to do the big honors.

The ladies in red  emerged after the winning score (1-0) with big banners that surrounding the soccer field announcing who they were. And guess what? This isn’t the first appearance the women have made during such an event. In 2010, the Emirates were an important sponsor to the World Cup also, and were seen there as well. Although this marketing tactic may not convince everyone to fly with Emirates next time they go to book a flight, they did make a huge statement.

world cup medals emirates

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Emirates wasn’t the only airline to get in the FIFA World Cup spirit. In fact, seven other airlines made themselves stick out during the event, as they shuttled their home teams to and from the World Cup. Some of the other airlines included Aerolineas Argentinas, Brussels Airlines and GOL. From graffiti, to photo-shopped pictures of the ever so attractive soccer players, some of the 12 countries that played this had planes designed to honor them. We’re just a little bummed we didn’t see a United States’ airlines participate in this fun and colorful idea!


What did  you think of flight attendants presenting the World Cup medals?

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