Havana nights are closer in your future than you thought!

According to the Associated Press, The White House has approved ferry service between the United States and Cuba. The ferry would operate between Florid and Havana — something that hasn’t happened in over fifty years.

While the Treasury Department said it could not confirm the ferry services that received a license, the Sun-Sentinel in Florida said: Havana Ferry Partners of Fort Lauderdale, Baja Ferries of Miami, United Caribbean Lines Florida of Greater Orlando and Airline Brokers Co. of Miami and Fort Lauderdale are all on board.

ferry to cuba

Robert Muse, a lawyer for Bajar Ferries, said that the request has yet to be approved by Cuba, but he is hopeful it will be, allowing thousands of people and cargo to travel between the two countries. It will also help show Cuba how serious the Obama administration is about easing tension between the countries Muse said. “I think it’s a further indication of the seriousness of the Obama administration in normalizing relations with Cuba,” said Muse. “We’re now going from the theoretical to the very specific.”

Currently, Americans are still not allow to travel to Cuba for leisure due to the embargo. Plus, people who are traveling for: family visits, official U.S business, journalistic activity, research, religious activity, educational activity, humanitarian activity, and the like, still need permission from the United States State Department. However, this is definitely a great step in the right direction!

Head over to the Sun-Sentinel for more information.

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