Expose yourself. We are just kidding. We could probably get in trouble for encouraging such behavior. What we will encourage though is education. Education is power, which is exactly why we are promoting a trip to the museum. Actually, we are really pushing for the Museum at FIT (as in the Fashion Institute of Technology), because until November 15th, associate curator Colleen Hill has designed an exhibit called Exposed: A History of Lingerie. 

You didn’t hear wrong. We want all citizens  and visitors of New York to carve a few hours out of their schedule between now and November 15th to catch the last few days of quite possibly the greatest exhibit in fashion this world has running at the moment. Exposed brings our attention to the evolution and fascination of the most scandalous form of fashion. The exhibit splits lingerie into hard and soft types (no puns please), and walks attendees through lingerie from the very beginning of its creation. We can’t help but think underwear has come a long way from that Pirates of the Caribbean, Elizabeth Swann corset, to the variety of what is available in Victoria’s Secret today. It couldn’t hurt to learn a bit more about where the popularity in fashion that is rarely seen outside the bedroom comes from…

So if your plans are looking dull this weekend, spice things up by getting in the fun type of learning at Exposed: A History of Lingerie. The next time you find yourself perusing the racks at your local lingerie store, when the inevitable happens, and that awkward salesperson tries to help you find a size (since you are ruining the display, of course), you can start spouting all of your knowledge in lingerie. As always though, make sure to cite your sources: Exposed: A History in Lingerie.

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