Celebs: They’re just like you! Except they get a hell of a lot more vacation days and have enough money to spend them wherever they want. And even when they’re working they get to go to fun places like Iceland and Croatia and stuff, while you’re stuck taking the red-eye home from a client meeting in Duluth. Sucks to be you, but why not live vicariously for a few minutes? (image via The Daily Mail)
  • Emma Stone celebrated boyfriend Andrew Garfield‘s birthday in Malibu by embarrassing herself in some rough surf. Get it together, Emma.
  • Jeremy Renner went to Mexico City to promote The Bourne Legacy, and everyone was disappointed when they realizes he wasn’t Matt Damon.
  • Tyra Banks cozied up with new ANTM judges Kelly Cutrone and Rob Evans in New York City at the premiere of the surefire flop called America’s Next Top Model: College Edition.
  • Jessica Alba walked around Santa Monica in a monochromatic grey outfit that made her look like she was covered in drying cement. So that was cool.
  • The ex-Mrs. Johnny Depp (also known as Vanessa Paradis) showed off her abs on the beach in Corsica, and I just did 3 crunches at my desk and got winded.

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