New Year’s Eve is a cause for celebration. As you leave the old year behind, it’s time to celebrate everything you got through throughout that year. New Year’s Eve is a pretty big drinking holiday, and depending on where you celebrate, the drinks can vary. We’ve put together some drinks from around the world that are drunk to bring in the New Year, and might give you some inspiration to try something new for this coming year. So raise your glasses, but let’s see what might be in your glass this year other than the standard champagne.

1. Caipirinha – Brazil


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As Brazil’s national cocktail, it’s no surprise this is one of the most popular drinks enjoyed around the holidays and New Year’s. It’s made from a liquor that comes from sugar cane after it’s fermented, and is mixed with lime to have a refreshing, yet strong flavor.

2. Coquito – Puerto Rico


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This drink is mainly drunk around Christmas time, but sometimes is enjoyed over New Year’s as well. In my case, I beg my aunt to make it for every holiday. Coquito is egg nog infused with rum, coconut milk and spiced with nutmeg and cinnamon depending on the recipe. The drink is usually enjoyed with a holiday meal, but ringing in the new year with an ice cold glass is never a bad idea.

3. Gløgg – Denmark


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Gløgg is a spiced mulled wine that is enjoyed around colder holidays like Halloween and Christmas, but is also a popular choice around New Year’s. It can be served either hot or cold, and comes both with and without alcohol.

4. Raki – Turkey


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Raki is an unsweeted alcohol drink that is popular in Turkey and in other Balkan countries. It’s a strong, anise-flavored brandy, and is considered the national alcoholic beverage of Turkey.


5. Sato – Thailand

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A traditional Thai drink, it’s a beer that takes centuries to make. It’s made from rice, and other regions vary the recipe by making it from grapes, so depending on what kind you get it can either be considered a beer or a rice wine.

What is your favorite drink to enjoy for New Year’s?

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