It’s not a secret that airplanes can expose you to some pretty nasty germs. Just think about how many people snoozed in your seat, ate on your tray and used the bathroom. Now think about how much time flight attendants have to clean those areas. Yikes!

If you’re wondering exactly what are the dirtiest places on an airplane and how dirty your plane ride is, the good folks over at Travel Math will tell you. The team sent a microbiologist to collect 26 samples from five airports and four flights to find out.

Coming in at number one? The tray! The biologist found that the tray table had 2,155 colony forming units per square inch. Colony forming units is a measure of the number of bacteria or fungal cells that are able to multiply.

Next up: The drinking fountain buttons. The samples found those areas to have 1,240 colony forming units per square inch.

Then came the overhead air vent, lavatory flush button, seatbelt buckle and finally, the bathroom stall locks. Are you grossed out yet? Well, you shouldn’t be… completely.

The good news is that the samples that were returned came back negative for fecal coliforms, such as E.Coli, which can be infectious. Yes, that is seriously some good news.

Plus, it looks like your pet’s food bowl and toys are waaayy more disgusting than the tray you’re eating off of during your flight to Italy.

dirtiest places on an airplane

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Did you suspect these areas to be the dirtiest places on an airplane?


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