And now, for seven new reasons why you should fly Delta Airlines.

According to the Airline, they are now serving up seven new craft beers on tap. The selections come from California’s Ballast Point, Stone and Laguintas Brewing Companies, New York’s Blue Point and Brooklyn Breweries, Massachusetts’ Newburyport Brewing Co., Boston’s Samuel Adams, and Atlanta’s SweetWater Brewery.  The company says this allows customers on routes within the United States to have a nice craft beer option.

Of course, the type of beer you get depends on from what airport you’re departing and arriving. For example, if you’re going from New York to Boston, you have the option of Blue Point and Newsburyport. If you’re flying from Atlanta to Florida, you have SweetWater. Luckily, Samuel Adams will be available on almost all routes. However, if you’re traveling on the East Coast shuttle, say from New York to D.C., you’re in luck, those beers are FREE! Otherwise, one will cost you a cool $7, which actually isn’t bad at all, just pretend you’re at a bar.

delta airlines beer

Delta representative Kate Modolo told The Huffington Post that the addition of the craft beers is due to the incredible response from customers. “We started our craft beer program earlier this year with SweetWater Brewery based in Atlanta,” Modolo said. “It was stocked on all Delta flights bound for LGA starting April 1. The customer response was great so we expanded SweetWater in July to six other markets. The additional seven craft brews announced all started flying last week.”

So everyone, here’s a little something extra to look forward to when flying Delta, especially if you’re a hipster. JK. Head over to Delta for more information.

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