Headed to Spain, Turkey or Greece this year? You may want to reconsider your plans.

A Manchester lawyer sat down with UK-based newspaper Manchester Evening News, and revealed from his experience, the most dangerous travel destinations. Nick Harris, head of travel at Simpson Millar Solicitors, said that Spain, Turkey and Greece are the most dangerous for injury and sickness.

Harris claims he has covered cases dealing with everything from swimming pool bugs to sexual assault after clients visited these countries. “I have handled lots of cases of people who have been seriously ill after swimming in a contaminated pool or eating half cooked food from a hotel buffet or injured in an accident during their summer break. These people sometimes end up with serious medical conditions that affect their whole life,” he said.

He also claimed that other dangerous countries include Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Kenya.

Of course, it’s important to note that these are specific cases dealing with people from Manchester, England — and of course could be rare cases. The United States’ Department of State’s section dealing with travel, does have travel warnings for Kenya and Dominican Republic, but nothing terrible specific for Spain, Greece or Turkey, besides the obvious of pickpockets and extremists.

As always, it’s important that when you’re traveling to any new city, whether international or not, that you’re always aware of your surroundings. Also, never give strangers too much information about your whereabouts and keep your passport and money in a safe place at all times.

To read more about about Harris had to say, click here.

Have you visited any of these dangerous travel destinations?


  1. Hello,
    I was curious how your guys obtain the statisctics for the claims you are making on the top three most dangerous countries to visit in regards to contaminated pools and food. Is this just from people’s stories? And if so, which demographic are you pulling from? Tourists? Travelers? Locals? Specific nationalities? I am curious because I have spent ample amounts of time in Spain and a wonderful three weeks in Turkey and never had an issue. I ate tons of restaurant and street food from each country, but experienced minimal pool time. Perhaos there is a “references” section at the bottom of the page I did not see that will help explain these claims, but I thouhgt I would ask more in depth details. Thank you for your time!


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