In 1995 Denver International Airport opened in Northeastern Denver, replacing Stapleton International Airport as Denver’s main airport. It is the largest airport in total land area in the United States at 54 square miles. It was the 15th busiest airport in 2013, and the 5th busiest airport in 2010. So a lot of people go through DIA every year. Which means tons of people get to see its unique snow capped mountain design and local art featured throughout the airport.


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The airport is a hub for United Airlines, Frontier Airlines, and Great Lakes Airlines as well as a major city for Southwest Airlines. The airport also launched massive green initiatives, one of those being a 9,200-solar power farm which generates 3 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per year. That is enough energy to power the terminal for a year. Have you ever been through Jeppesen Terminal? It’s pretty massive.

Almost as big as the blue mustang that stands in the front of the airport. A blue mustang that is actually quite controversial.


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Speaking of controversy, there are quite a few conspiracy theories surrounding the airport, but none of them really seem to amount to much. Although, don’t tell the New World Order I said that.

DIA also has tons of shops and restaurants. In fact, I distinctly remember flying into DIA as a kid and the pilot describing it as a “mall with runways” and that is definitely true. If I was going to get stuck in an airport on a layover, DIA would not be the worst place to find myself.

If you fly domestic enough, chances are you will stop through Denver International Airport at sometime. And if Denver is your destination? Just remember that the airport is about 24 miles from Denver’s city center. Sometime this tends to throw people off guard.

Have you flown through Denver International Airport?


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