Coolers do not exactly scream exciting to me. Mostly I think of them as the large tub of plastic that I have to drag around on the beach or at a picnic. However, I am starting to feel persuaded into joining the train of thought that coolers are really just a party in disguise. This thought originates from Ryan Grepper who is the brains behind the Coolest Cooler, a high-tech cooler with a gazillion features. Ok, maybe not a gazillion but enough features that make me want to contribute a few of my dollars to Grepper’s Kickstarter project. The project originally began in November with a goal of securing $125,000, but the project finished with $102,188 in pledges. He was quoted by USA Today saying, “I wasn’t far enough along in the design. It was the middle of winter, and most people weren’t thinking about coolers, no matter what features they had.” Right you are Ryan, we were a little preoccupied with all of the ice going on outside.

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But those bumps in the road didn’t stop Grepper. In fact, those troubles are long forgotten with the possibility of beating the Kickstarter record in sight. Just a few days ago Grepper relaunched the design with better features and during the appropriate season and now he has reached over $4.5 million in funding. The project still has 45 days to go but every extra dollar is just icing on the cake because it has blown past his goal of $50,000. Clearly the Coolest Cooler is a hit but what makes this cooler so cool in the first place? First of all when you are out in the great outdoors you want a nice cool drink to accompany you. Forget boring old soda though. With this cooler you can mix your own margaritas with the battery powered rechargeable blender. Not a fan of margaritas? Fine, reach in and grab a beer. If you don’t have a bottle opener with you you can just use the one that is built in. Listen to some music to get your party started with the removable waterproof bluetooth speaker. Phone about to die? Plug it into the USB charger to recharge your battery.

I know what you’re thinking. The Coolest Cooler pretty much fulfills all of your needs. Other features include an LED light, storage for plastic plates and rust-proof knife (included), split storage for food and drinks, beach tires and a bungee cord. If you pledge $165 or more to the project then you will receive your own Coolest with all of the fancy features but you will have to wait until February 2015 to get your hands on it.

Will you back this project?

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Brooke is a rising senior and is studying Communications and English at Graceland University. Her parents sent her to the midwest with a dowry and a mission to find a husband. She came back for the summer with no husband and no money. Brooke is currently residing in Philadelphia but she dreams of living all over the world some day, starting in Italy.


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