So the summer heat already has you acting all like you weren’t complaining all winter? It’s fine. No judgements. You aren’t alone. And then of course there are those who dreaded the melting of the snow all along. Sometimes we just need to cool off a little bit, or you know just be blatantly cold, either way, of course there are some perfect travel destinations just for that. Amazingly enough, across various continents and corners and cultures of the world there are a number of great places for travelers that have all-year temperatures ranging from cool to slightly more cool, or pretty cold to comfortably chilly.

These destinations provide a nice break from the seasonal heat (or even extreme cold) of your home, or a comfortably mild choice for a whole year abroad maybe. Check out these five travel destinations from around the world with year round cool climates.

1. Isle of Skye, Scotland

Average Coldest: January 39°F / 4°C

Average Hottest: July 55°F /  13°C

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Photo via Flickr/wilm

2. Potosí, Bolivia

Average Coldest: June 45°F / 7°C

Average Hottest: November 54°F / 12°C


Photo via Flickr/Danielle Pereira

3. Auckland, New Zealand

Average Coldest: July 52°F / 11°C

Average Hottest: January 68°F / 20°C


Photo via Flickr/Siyamalan

4. Reykjavik, Iceland

Average Coldest: January 32°F / 0°C

Average Hottest: July 52°F / 11°C


Photo via Flickr/Marco Bellucci

5. Juneau, Alaska, USA

Average Coldest: January 28°F / -2°C

Average Hottest: July 57°F / 14°C


Photo via Flickr/Joseph

Which of these cool climate travel destinations?

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