This October, top choices were released for Condé Nast Traveler’s Readers’ Choice Awards of 2014. These places were chosen with over a million votes from almost 77,000 readers. The best of the best included top cities, islands, hotels, cruise lines, and more from countries, regions, and the ‘best in the world.’ You might want to check out specific top hotels in resorts for each country, but I’ve taken the top two cities, hotels and resorts, islands, and spa resorts in the world. Because we only want the best of the best for our travels. JK-some of us can go to the cities, but we have to stay in the cheap hostel nearby. We can dream and vigorously write on our travel blogs in hopes of making the money to travel in luxury.

For now, we’ll just read about these awesome places. Check out the rest of the Readers’ Choice Awards of 2014 here. If you’re curious how these top choices were chosen, check out the Readers’ Choice Award ranking explanation.

Hotels & Resorts

1: Londolozi, Sabi Sands, South Africa

This preserve in a riverine forest is located along the Sand River. From your deck, you can see elephants while you’re watching the sunrise. The readers’ rating was a near perfect score of 98.958.

londolozi, sabi sands, south africa top resort

Photo via CNTraveler

2: Lodge & Spa at Brush Creek Ranch, Saratoga, Wyoming

Brush Creek Ranch is a luxury lodge for the outdoor lovers. Visitors can enjoy fly fishing, hiking, and horseback riding while enjoying the luxury of spa services, gourmet meals, and views of the Rocky Mountains.

lodge and spa at brush creek ranch saratoga wyoming

Photo via CNTraveler


1: Florence, Italy

Offering some of the best art, architecture, history, and cuisine (aperitifs on the daily), Florence, Italy has been a Readers’ Choice winner before. That’s no surprise for the heart of the Italian Renaissance.

florence italy

Photo via CNTraveler

2: Charleston, South Carolina

This American, southern city is the epitome of southern comfort. Beautiful, old colorful homes, the Atlantic Ocean shining in the horizon, and the food are some of the reasons Charleston came in a close second place.

charleston, south carolina

Photo via CNTraveler


1: Palawan, Philippines

One of the Philippines’ 7,107 islands, Palawan is where one of natural wonders of the world, Puerto Princesa Subterranean River, is located. The river wanders five miles through an underground cave.

palawan, philippines

Photo via CNTraveler

2: Kiawah Island, South Carolina

Kiawah Island is another top choice located in South Carolina. It’s about an hour away from Charleston and is perfect for the traveling golfers because of the Kiawah Island Golf Resort.

kiawah island, south carolina

Photo via CNTraveler

Spa Resorts

1: Aro-Ha in Queenstown, South Island, New Zealand

The stunning views attract visitors to this resort. The resort’s visitors practice mindfulness, yoga, fitness,  and healthy eating. The simplicity and distance from everyday stresses gives visitors a chance to focus on their wellbeing.

aro-ha new zealand resort

Photo via Aro-ha

2: Cal-a-Vie in Vista, California, USA

The resort includes daily massages and focuses on the yoga experience. The food is also determined based on visitors’ tastes and preferences.

cal-a-vie california resort

Photo via Cal-a-Vie

Which is your top travel choice?

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