The city of Cluj-Napoca in Romania took the promotion of education and literacy to new and awesome heights this summer by allowing people to ride public transportation for free if they read a book while they ride on pre-elected dates.

According to, this inspiring choice came about first by the activist Victor Miron, known for his work for encouraging literacy and reading. Miron pitched the idea to the mayor of the town who then made a Facebook post seeking public opinion and was met with a great response. So approximately a year later, in early June, the proposal finally came through and from the 4th to the 7th anyone who read on the public bus did not have to pay the fare.
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This isn’t Miron’s first go at public pro-literacy movements. He collaborates with local people and business owners to create events that entice the people of the city to pick up a book. One example was his “Bookface” project, in which anyone with the image of a book as their profile picture on Facebook could get discounts on certain items at participating locations. Another project by Miran that takes place on World Book Day is that people can get free entry for the day into the city’s Botanical Garden if they bring a book with them.

Sometimes it’s the ideas and actions that seem simple to carry out at first that they end up creating a potential tidal wave movement and genuinely changing lifestyles and priorities. This city in Romania and their positive attitude towards an idea to make a change was a perfect example of that.

Have you visited Cluj-Napoca,Romania?


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