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Starting on July 24th, you’ll be able to enter through the mouth of the Temple of Moloch, from the 1914 Italian film Cabiria, into a world inspired by cinema and designed to awaken your imagination and also of course just be loads of movie themed fun. Cinecittà World is named after and based on the famous Cinecittà Studios of Rome, Italy, and the various Italian, American and English movies that were created there. For example, the main promenade of the theme park is a replica from Martin Scorsese’s Gangs of New York which was filmed in the studio before its release in 2002.

The park was designed by Dante Ferretti, a three time Academy Award winning art director. It includes a range of cinema themed activities from roller coasters and high adrenaline rides, to virtual rides, aquatic shows, activities involving cinematic special effects, shops and restaurants. Some attractions expected to become the most popular are the Erawan drop tower which is 54 meters high on the back of a giant elephant, the indoor roller coaster Darkmare which is said to have some pretty amazing scenery depicting dell’Inferno Dantesco or basically hell, and the Cinecitram which displays a living backlot experience on a 3D screen. There are plenty of options available for all ages, and pretty much all types of travelers, if you’re a fan of movies chances are you’ll find something you enjoy at Cinecittà World.

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Photo via Cinecittà World

Cinecittà Studios is the largest and longest operating film studio in Europe and an incredible, exciting, history filled place to visit in itself. It is said about the studios that- “All dreams can come true in Cinecittà.” Now dreams can come true on a whole new and interactive level. Cinecittà World is located in Castel Romano in the south of Rome. It is luckily easily accessible to tourists from the center of Rome by train, bus or car.

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Photo via Cinecittà World

Will you visit Cinecittà World in Rome?

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