Cinco de Mayo falls on a Monday this year, a oxymoronic union that should be illegal under the Constitution. How can a holiday that celebrates freedom and unity fall on the most dreaded day of the week? The unfortunate coincidence may compel those possessing weak spines to move their festivities to the weekend but no you. No no, you are determined to acknowledge and commemorate Cinco de Mayo on Cinco de Mayo, not nueve de mayo. So whether you’re taking the day off to indulge or trooping it into the office/classroom, we’ve got a menu here for you to make sure you eat, drink, and live in (and with) the proper spirits today.

Breakfast: Breakfast Tacos with Crispy Potatoes, Chorizo, and Fried Egg

breakfast tacos

You have to start your day with chorizo, there is no questioning that. These tacos are carby, fatty, and spicy which means they are perfect.

Breakfast Drink: Mango-Guava Batidos


I figured I’d respect the fact that it is Monday juuuust a little bit and start you off with a non-alcoholic drink. This smoothie-like drink is a sweet and refreshing compliment to your salty breakfast, full of more mango chunks and tablespoons of sugar than you need to care about.

Lunch: Chipotle Chicken Cemita Sandwiches


There is more to Mexican food than burritos and tacos, regardless of what American fast-food chains may have you think. One of the most underrated Mexican dishes (in my opinion anyway) are cemitas. Cemitas are a traditional sandwich that originated in Puebla, usually filled with lots of meat, avocado, white cheese, onions, and a salsa roja. This recipe from Scarletta Bakes deviates slightly from the original formula but the result is a sandwich that is filling, spicy, maybe a little bit healthy, but most importantly, delicious.

Lunch Drink: Atole de Mora Negra


Cemitas are usually served along side a tall glass of atole, which is a cornflour drink usually served hot. Traditional atole may not be everybody’s cup of tea (…or corn) so here’s a variation of the drink that is fruity and refreshing, with just a bit of masa harina mixed in for good measure.

Dinner: Mexican Chicken Lasagna with Chorizo Beans

Mexican Lasagna

Everybody loves lasagna because everybody loves giant dishes full of bubbling cheese. Since it’s not Columbus day, forget your basic Italian-inspired recipe and instead use this one for a spicy take on the popular drink.

Dinner Drink: Tex-Mex Michelada


No Cinco de Mayo is complete without a giant pint of beer! But you can have a corona any day you want my friend so be different today. This beer cocktail has Tabasco in it! Which is weird but get over it.

Dessert: Churros


Do I need to explain?

Nightcap: All of the tequila


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End it on a classy note, folks.


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