There is, like, more than a million awesome things about the holiday season. One of them is the magic of Christmas trees. The smell of pine along with the bright lights and beautiful ornaments are just the thing to swing even the most Grinch-esque people into the holiday spirit. The Christmas tree at home that still houses your ornaments from elementary school are wonderful, but the towering trees in cities around America bring huge crowds of locals and tourists alike for a community tradition.

In honor of that, we’ve rounded up our favorite Christmas Tree lightings from across the United States.

National Christmas Tree Lighting, Washington D.C.

The first lighting was in 1923 when President Calvin Coolidge was in office. Each year, the President does the honor of lighting the tree, often with the assistance of the First Lady and schoolchildren. The Christmas lights are even energy efficient — they use LED lights.

national christmas tree lighting washington dc

Photo via Quantico Live

Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting, New York City

During the Great Depression, the demolition workers at the Rockefeller Center construction site saved money to buy a Christmas tree in 1931. Since then, the Christmas tree has changed dramatically. It started as a modest tree during a dismal time in America and has grown to become tradition in NYC.

rockefeller center christmas tree lighting

Photo via Flickr/Anthony Quintano

Lobster Trap Tree, Massachusetts

This one is quite the unique Christmas tree. Each year, local lobsterment donate lobster traps, and volunteers help to stack them and decorate them with buoys. The community’s wide effort brings out the unique holiday spirit in this town, as well as various other New England cities.

gloucester massachusetts lobster trap tree

Photo via CNTraveler

Santa Monica Tree Lighting Ceremony, California

This is one of the several LA area Christmas tree lightings. The lighting ceremony includes Santa’s arrival down the Promenade, musical entertainment, and of course, the Christmas tree lighting itself.

santa monica tree lighting

Photo via Red Tri

100 Ft. Christmas Tree Lighting, Florida

Delray Beach has been home to the 100 ft. Christmas tree since 1992. Kids can even go inside of the Christmas tree to see animated elf scenes and more! And of course grown-up kids like ourselves are also welcomed.

delray beach 100 ft christmas tree

Photo via BocaMag

Where is your favorite Christmas tree lighting?

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