We hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving holiday, but shut up about it right now because we are already into the Christmas season. Thanksgiving is dead, long live Christmas! The turkey carcass has barely begun to rot, but thanks to our consumerist greed and love of paid days off from work we’ve all already started planning our Christmas holiday. C’mon, we know you went to Walmart at 3 am last Friday for some doorbuster deals.

Perhaps the most important aspect of this special time coming up in a few short weeks, as evidenced by the stretch marks on our belts left behind from the Thanksgiving Table Massacre of 2012, is the festive spread we will gorge ourselves on until being startled by the sound of hooves on the roof – “HOLY CRAP IS THERE A DEER ON THE ROOF? DAD, GET YOUR GUN.”

This year, consider changing up the menu to your Xmas smorgasbord with some of the global fare featured in this infographic about Christmas dinner around the world. Perhaps you could turn your holiday feast into a “south of the border” affair by adding salt cod and beet salad to the mix like they do in Mexico. Or, if you’re in more of an outback sort of mood, consider throwing some shrimp on the barbie and celebrating the birth of Jesus in a decidedly Australian fashion.

We, personally, will be eating the dish of our forefathers in New York City: Chinese takeout.

You probably don’t have a magnifying glass handy, so go ahead and click on the image below to make it bigger and explore Christmas dinner around the world, you festive fatty.

christmas dinner across the world infographicvia Visual.ly

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