Brace yourselves people, because the future is closer than we had originally thought. Remember when hover crafts and aluminum clothes were an imagination for the far off futuristic world that we would all be long gone for? Well, China has a few plans to push the future up a few years. Leave it to China to jump the gun on this one while the rest of the world is still getting used to the iPhone 6. At least give us a fighting chance here China…

Really though, an architectural firm called, AT Design, which has home bases in China and England, has been summoned to created a floating city by CCCC-FHDI, which is a Chinese construction company. Read between all the letters, the words floating city are in there. Travel Freak does not lie, the future is closer than we thought.

In an ideal world, with floating cities, a city like the one AT Design has created might mean the start of preserving the natural world. By creating eco friendly cities that takes up no space on a country side, the world may start to see a turn around in how we use our resources. Without getting too into the engineering details of China’s floating city, the basic design is of a metropolis built on hexagonal structures. There would be a connecting bridge from the mainland (aka the real land) and like any city, the floating city will have green areas, shopping, restaurants, and other reasons to visit. There is even talk of adding ports for cruise ships to encourage tourism.

Let’s be honest, if this city is ever born, it will be a dream for anyone who can swim to visit. One idea I would like to propose to city planners: every person who steps foot in the city is required to wear a life vest. Fines to all those who refuse…

If you are interested in learning more about all the technicalities of China’s floating city, check out Dezeen!

 Floating City in China for China's Floating City

Photo Via Dezeen


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