There’s no denying that flying is super expensive, especially if you’re going abroad to an exotic location. Airfare can quickly rise to the hundreds (or thousands!) and the costs can really put a damper on your travel planes. But if you’re looking for the most bang for your buck, you’re going to want to visit countries like India, Italy and Russia. According to Go Euro’s Transportation Price Index, those are some of the cheapest countries to fly to all year around. Curious how they figured it out? Well, according to their website, the company “found the cheapest regular flights between the most populous cities in each country and then calculated the average price per 100km.” That’s about 62 miles in case you were wondering. 

cheapest countries to fly to

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We pulled the top 15 cheapest country to fly to, just so you can get prepared for your next vacation. But be sure to head over to Go Euro for the full list, including the most expensive/inexpensive countries to take a train or bus to, (obviously, we in the United States have to stick to the flights!).

1) India, cost: $10.36/100km

2) Malaysia, cost: $11.43/100 km.

3) South Africa, cost $11.63/100 km.

4) Australia, cost $12.20/100 km.

5) Spain, cost $13.21/100 km.

6) The United States, cost $13.89/100 km.

7) Turkey, cost $15.95/100 km.

8) Italy, cost $16.73/100 km.

9) Russia, cost $16.86 100/km.

10) Poland, cost $18.32 100/km.

11) Thailand, cost $19.50 100/km.

12) China, cost $20.06 100/km.

13) France, cost $20.30 100/km.

14) Mexico, cost $20.35 100/km.

15) Bulgaria, cost $21.21 100/km.

Which of these cheapest countries to fly to have you actually flown to?


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