You might be thinking you have plenty of time to book your holiday flight, and while that’s true, you’re definitely not going to get the best deal if you wait any longer than… this week.

That’s right, according to Orbitz, this week is the best week to find great deals for flights for Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year. Today (Oct. 6th) is when Thanksgiving flights are going to be their lowest, followed by October 9th for Christmas and October 10th for New Year.

Of course this may fluctuate depending on where you live and where you’re traveling to. But the lesson learned here, is that flights for the holidays are definitely not getting any cheaper, and if you seem something affordable, snatch it up!

We recently learned from CheapAir that you should you should avoid traveling on Wednesday, Nov. 25Sunday, Nov. 29 and Sunday, Jan. 3. These days, along with the 18-20th of December, the 27th of December, and the 2nd of January, will produce the highest fares.

Right now, a trip from New York to California is going to run you around $600-700 for Thanksgiving, which isn’t great, but again, that price is just going to go up and up, so even if Orbitz was terribly wrong, which we don’t think it is, now is definitely the time to book!

God speed to you and your credit card.

Have you booked your holiday flight?


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